Import a Mailing List

Adding existing lists into Smore

How does it work?

If you have a previously existing mailing list from Gmail or Outlook, you can easily import your mailing list into Smore by exporting the list as a .CSV file and then importing it into Smore.

Check our how to import your list:

1. Go to your "Mailing Lists"

Hover over your name in the upper right corner and click on "Mailing Lists" in the dropdown menu

2. Click "Create a New List"

On the left side, click the blue button that says, "Create a New List." There, type in the name of your new Mailing List

3. "Add People" to your list

Once you have created and named the new list, click on the list name on the left side and then click the "+ Add People" button

4. Type or Paste email addresses or "Import" an existing list

Here, you can manually add contacts to your list by writing in names and emails.

Or, you can click on the blue "Import" button on the bottom left of the page and then follow the last step below

5. Import Lists from Gmail or Outlook

Choose either to import your list from Gmail or Outlook. Once you have chosen, follow the directions within Smore to import your .CSV file

For more information on how to import Gmail lists, click Here. For Outlook lists, click Here!

6. Click "Upload"

When you have chosen your .CSV file, make sure to click "Upload" to complete the process

need more info?

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