How to prevent memory loss!!!!

Katie Blume

Why I chose this topic

I chose this topic because memory loss is a huge issue in our society, therefore more and more people are wondering what they can do to prevent it and possibly never even have memory loss. This research can help all people because anyone can be at risk when they're older to suffer from memory loss.

The logistics behind memory loss

All short term and long term is located in the hippocampus, which is in the medial temporal lobe of the brain. The process of memories starts with encoding, then goes to storage, and then retrieval. Memory loss is usually caused by not being able to retrieve back the memories, although scientists are constantly learning new things about how and why are brain sometimes can't retrieve these memories or store them properly.
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Research & Experiments

Since memory loss is so common, many experiments and research have been conducted on how exactly the average person can improve their memory. One study done by Johns Hopkins researchers was on how caffeine can help improve your memory. They took regular people who don't normally consume caffeine and gave some of them a caffeine tablet and some a placebo. Then, each person was tested on their ability to recognize a picture they were shown the day before. The people that had taken the caffeine tablets were better able to recognize the images as similar, which shows a deeper memory retention.

Many psychologists have also seen that exercise can be very beneficial to memory and thinking skills. Dr. Scott McGinnis, an instructor or neurology at Harvard Medical School, agrees that exercise over a period of time has a lasting affect by boosting the volume of some regions of your brain.
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Interesting stuff

  • playing brain games online can actually help you
  • making up acronyms for the things you need to remember can help
  • forgetting actually helps you learn because it frees up your brain to learn new info
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