Two more things....

Make the MOST of this offer!

Did you see the offer that Beautycounter announced yesterday? Free FULL-SIZE bottle of Lustro Oil #2 & Free Shipping for all orders over $150. This is an incredible offer - the best I've seen since I have joined Beautycounter. Make the most of it. Personally send it out to all past customers, text it to friends, post it on Facebook. And did you know that this applies to consultant orders too? Yep! Need to order some gifts, or re-stock your own is the time! (Offer ends on Monday September 22nd at 11:59 PST)
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I will be traveling today through Sunday.

I am overjoyed to hop on a plane today and head to California for a few days. I will be learning about the all about the new cosmetics coming out in October and also taking some time to relax! :)