Pick Up Waste!

Pick up waste

Help the environment!

Picking up waste is very important on Earth. By picking up paper and other things off the ground and recycle the things that needs to go in the recycling bins.

What do we do?

We clean and collect every other week. For trash, recycle bottles and paper. We purchase smaller trash cans to save our environment. To encourage less waste and other trash you may have. We even include recycling pick up!

Why should you use "Pick Up Waste?"

• We are trying to save our environment from any damage of trash.

• Wasting trash could be really bad if we didn't recycle.

• In our company we help other people to recycle.

• We try to help other company's and other people why we shouldnt waste trash.

• Recycling is best for our enviornment helps us, and we will help you.

Our Pick-Up Schedule!

Mon-Fri 9:45am-1:00pm

Closer Sat-Sun