Mrs. Boschen's Weekly News

September 28 - October 2, 2015

This Week's News

We have completed our unit on addition and subtraction and students will be taking an assessment on these topics Tuesday. Students are working hard and doing a great job of knowing the difference in word problems! We will then begin working on multiplication skills, focusing on what exactly it means to multiply and the different strategies used to multiply.

In reading, we are moving into an author study unit. As a class we are all learning about and reading books by Cynthia Rylant. Students are also beginning an author study in their reading groups where they will be focusing on a series and comparing a character from that series in different books. Each group will be reading the same book to begin with, and then they will have an option to read any other book in the series for their second book.

We are excited to begin our first science unit as well. We are studying life science, including characteristics of organisms, life cycles, and inherited traits. We will be spending some time in the wetlands during this unit. If your child has boots that they would like to bring to school and leave while we are working on this unit, that would be fine. Right now, the wetlands are very dry but I hope we will get some rain soon and that will change the conditions!

Homework Expectations

We are halfway through the first marking period and I have received some questions about homework. Homework expectations are very consistent to make it easier for everyone to remember.

  1. Students are expected to read at least 10 minutes every day and record the title of the book they are reading in their planners each day.
  2. Students should complete 10 focused minutes of Khan Academy Monday - Thursday, choosing lessons from the coaches recommendations.
  3. Students should complete 1 lesson for spelling Monday -Thursday. This could be a lesson on SpellingCity or a lesson in their word study notebook.
  4. Until a student has passed all 30 levels of facts, students should do at least 1 minute of fact practice.

I understand that students and parents have very busy lives outside of school. I have told students that as long as they are keeping up, they may complete homework early. For example, doing 20 minutes of Khan Academy on Monday since they have a practice on Tuesday is OK. Waiting until Wednesday to do 30 minutes is not. The only thing I expect to see every day is reading.

I hope this clarifies things for everyone, and please feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions!