Health Concerns

By: Kaylah Elphic


  • Awareness of midrange sound develops first
  • Followed by high-range and low-range
  • 11 should have auditory awareness of adults
  • Ear infections untreated can cause hearing loss
  • Ear infections decreases due to structural changes
  • Eustachian tube changed position
  • Helps prevent bacteria and fluid from moving to the ear


  • Can see object with both eyes
  • ability to focus improves
  • During middle years, close up vision improves
  • Nearsightedness most common vision problem
  • 25% kids need vision corrected by end of school years


  • Kids start to loose baby teeth
  • First teeth to loose are central incisors
  • Lower and upper front teeth
  • By 12, have all permanent teeth
  • At first, teeth look out of proportion
  • Facial bones grow
  • Face lengthens and mouth widens
  • Tooth decay is common health problem
  • Poor dental hygiene can cause cavities
  • poor in health or diets of sugar
  • Teacher should promote good dental hygiene
  • Brush teeth with kids after meal
  • Eat a well balanced diet
  • Encourage parents to take kids for regular dental checkups
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  • Excessive bodily fat
  • Obese if you weigh 20% more
  • Obesity affects 25% of school age children
  • Obesity can impact a child's emotional health
  • Children may lack self-esteem
  • Might have overweight parents
  • Overeat due to family stress
  • Result of physical inactivity
  • Obese children are often overweight as adults
  • Develop high blood pressure
  • Heart disease or diabetes
  • Often a family disorder
  • May need help for emotional problems
  • Need help making healthier food choices
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