Stewartsboro Loves Ipads!!!

One Stop Shop for ALL STE Ipad Information

What do we have here...

Stewartsboro has a traveling cart with 25 iPad minis that are available to check out for either the morning or the afternoon to use with your students. The cart also is equipped with an HD projector and Apple TV. If you are not sure how to use the Apple TV, I would be happy to provide you with a demonstration. We do have 15 sets of ear-buds for the iPads with the plan to purchase more with upcoming SMART card money.

How do I check them out?

  • Once you decide what you would like to do with the ipads, your first step is to submit a lesson plan by clicking on the button above. (Don't worry it is short)
  • Second, you will sign up for a date and time by clicking the button above that takes you to Sign Up Genius.

*There are two options you may book the iPad lab for the morning which is 7:30-11:00 or the afternoon from 11:30-2:30*

  • If you sign up for the morning you are responsible for picking up the iPad card in the morning and getting it to the person who signed up for the afternoon time slot.
  • If you sign up for the afternoon you are responsible for making sure all of the iPads are plugged into the correct number slot and are returned to my office at the end of the day and plugged into the power strip so that they may charge for the next day.
  • To ensure that these iPads last a while please review and enforce the rules with the students. They are posted on the iPad cart and they are on the picture to the right.
  • I do offer and encourage an introductory 30 minute iPad lesson to your class, where I will come in and teach them the rules and the ins and outs of the iPads. Please let me know if you would like for me to do this prior to your first lesson with the iPads.