Year 6 Newsletter

Term 1 - 4th December 2015

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Unit of Inquiry;

Central Idea: Understanding of scientific knowledge is consistently evolving and has an impact of people's lives.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • CAUSATION - What leads to advances in science?

  • FUNCTION - What is the role of technology in science?

  • RESPONSIBILITY - What are the ethical dilemmas associated with scientific research?


Over the past few weeks, we have been focusing on the four number operations. We have been working on developing different mental and written strategies using decimals. We will continue working in our flexible groups within our classes. Children have had the opportunity to apply their knowledge during a cereal bar investigation. They have consolidated work on data handling by collecting information for their How the World Works summative assessment.


Each class has been looking at the following writing genres over the past few weeks - non-chronological reports, explanations and scientific write ups. We will be looking for evidence of these texts types on their HTWW assessment boards - The children will have written articles and reports linked to the production of food, food ethics or food technology,

Science at WIS

This week in Year 6 had a great opportunity to visit the Science labs at WIS school. The classes worked alongside the WIS Science team to complete an engineering challenge. They had to design and make a timer to time a piece of music. The children worked well in collaborative groups and produced some very interesting - salt, sand and water timers. Well done to the challenge winners.

Summing up How The World Works Unit

This week the children have been putting together the final touches to their presentation for the HTWW unit. They have been inquiring into their chosen area in small groups. This week was an opportunity for the groups to share their research ,understandings ,data and suggestions for Action. They have shown their communication skills by presenting their findings, answering questions and making observations on each other's presentations.

Connections within our unit of inquiry:

It has been pleasing to see that the children have continued to take Action in response to their learning during this unit. We have seem more examples of Fairtrade products in snacks, less packaging , more attention being paid to labelling and visits to local markets selling organic produce. A general raising of awareness and advocacy- Well done Year 6

WIS Interact Club Visit- Sustainable Seafood

A big thank you to the Interact club form WIS. They gave an informative presentation to the Year 6 students on Thursday morning- The ambassadors encouraged the children to think about where the fish they eats comes from, how it is farmed and how they can eat fish which is sustainably raised and farmed

General Notices;

  • Remember to check the VLE homework page every Wednesday please.

  • Please be reminded that the children will need snack and lunch for day 1 of camp - Thursday 11th December

  • Please send in the camp pick up/drop off permission slip if you have not already done so.

  • There will be NO GAMES on Wednesday Dec 9th

Important Dates:

10/11th December - Year 6 Camp

14th December Year 6 Parent's hosted Christmas party- Cyberport podium

15th December Year 6 Class Party Day

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