Yellow Oval Room

White House Project - Mattie Musser

History About The Yellow Oval Room

The Yellow Oval Room is on the second floor right above the Blue Room. It is called the Yellow OVAL Room because it is shaped like an egg, not a perfect circle. The Yellow Oval Room has had the same yellow color and Louis XVI furnishings, and has served the same functions, for the last seven administrations. Mrs. Kennedy turned this room into a formal drawing room, and it has proved to be the most suitable place in the house to entertain state guests before dinner or luncheons given in their honor. Including President John Adams first reception.

The Yellow Oval Room has the Truman balcony, just beyond the window, overlooking the south lawn, and in the distance stands the washington monument. The room is decorated to the Louis 16th style of the late 18th century. The room has numerous example of French and English decorative arts. The intense color of Dante Marioni´s two blown glass vases reinforces the name of the room. The attenuated, classical forms are well suited to this formal drawing room for the President and his family.

Interesting Facts

1. This room is located in the center of the second floor.

2. In past administrations the room has been used as a library, office and palor.

3. Recently the room has been used for receptions and greetings before dinners.

4. Dolley Madison was the first person to decorate the Yellow Oval Room yellow.

5. During Harrison's administration the first Christmas tree was put in this room.

6. President Roosevelt was in the Yellow Oval Room when he learned about the Pearl Harbor Attack.

7. After Kennedy's renovations the room was officially named the Yellow Oval Room.

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Flowers and Tools Used To Make Arrangements


Aspidistra Leaf (2)

Steel Grass (4)

Yellow Carnation (4)

Green Chrysanthemum Spray (2)

White Lily Asiatic (3)

Blue September Flower (2)


Floral Knife

Floral Foam

Floral Food



Floral Anchor Tape

Floral Foam Knife