Ancient Greece

By: Jose wilson


I pick theses three topics because i wanted to learn more about them. Have u ever wonder about ancient Greece. After this you this you know about the greeks. The begging ancient greece stared an 1900s to 16600s b.c. Athens were the richest and most powerfull.

The begging of ancient greece

The story of ancient greece began an 1900s to the 1600s b.c.the used to call themselves nomadic herdsem.They'er languge showed the indo eurpeoan.The land tribes invaded the agean.They used gold and bronze to make paint and pottery.There from glassland of the east of the caspin sea.

Athen's rise to power

Athen's were the richest and most powerfull city state in greece.The naval strenght, but not land strenght. Athenia became empire of greece. Athenia fleet became a insturment, the bersains were defeafted in war. the greatest surving achment of humantiy skill.

The Peloponnesian War

Athenin power arouse the jeouslyof sparta.the pelonnesion war began an 431.the contest between great sea power'andthe begging the plan was not to fight.war phase [414 to 404]. The Athenian armada was destroyed in 413 bc, and the captives were sold into slavery.


I learned alot about ancient Greece. The greeks used to call themselves nomadic herdsem. They pottery and the paint out of bronze and gold. Athens had strength but not land strength. peloponnesion began 431.


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