The Elimination Method Team

The Best & Easiest Method You'll Ever Learn!

Help Young Scholars Like Us Fight Using The Elimination Method

Welcome Amateur Fighter. Today You Will Learn How To Fight With The Elimination Method Against The Dreaded System Of Equations. DUN DUN DUUUNNNN! But don't be afraid. Our team of scholars and fighters will teach you how to fight with the elimination plan we have.

Our team consists of a Cheetah named Taliyah, A Dragon named Taj, A Snake named Vincent, and A Firefly named Shakara.

The Elimination Plan.....

We trust that you will keep our plan safe with you and you only. We don't want the other teams to know our strategic strategy, but 1st you must know the plan start to finish.

  • Place both equations in standard form ( Ax + By = C )
  • Determine which variable to eliminate ( CHOOSE WISELY MY YOUNG WARRIOR )
  • Solve for that variable
  • Go back and solve for the next variable
  • Check if the solution is right by substituting them as the variables
  • Put it in ( , ) form

Frequently Asked Question

What if none of coefficients automatically cross out?

- Then your gonna have to multiply one of them to be the same as the other, or multiply them by each other with different signs to be crossed out.

ACT Math Prep Tips - Solving Systems of Equations, Elimination Method