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Issue 6, 15 May 2020

Principal's News

Remote learning has provided us with challenges, with success and with experiences that, this time last year, we would never have predicted.

Our family has had the time to 'slow down' on weekends and after hours to learn to appreciate the little things more than before. The kids in our street have formed their own modern day 'BMX Bandits' club, we have been able to get to know the neighbours beyond the friendly wave as we all madly kept to our schedules. We've dusted off the puzzles, board games and classic family movies and seen some incredible sunsets!

As life begins to transition back to some form of normal, I wonder what aspects of this slower weekend life will we be able to hold on to? What is your family hoping to keep doing? What can't you wait to get back to?

I thank God, that despite the challenges we have faced in this pandemic, we have been able to connect more as a family and a local community. I am thankful for the little things and the chance to remember how important they are and pray that your family has also been able to find some positives in between the 'crazy'.

Blessings to you and your family this week and always


Eloise Beveridge

Return to School

Parents will be emailed information specific to our return to onsite learning next week as we prepare to welcome Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 back to school on Tuesday, 26 May.

Year 3 - Year 10 will continue with remote learning programs until a return to campus on Tuesday, 9 June.

Supervision at school remains an option for those children in Years 3-10 who cannot learn from home. To assist us with staffing we ask that families continue to complete the weekly survey, thank you for your support of this to date.

The following is a summary of procedures that are in place to support a gradual and safe return to learning:

  • Sanitizing stations provided for each classroom
  • On site cleaners wiping high touch surface areas multiple times each day in addition to regular daily cleaning
  • Playgrounds - cleaned each day
  • No large gathering events such as Assembly, Chapel, excursions until further notice
  • Students are to be dropped off and picked up while parents remain in vehicles
  • Parents / Carers are requested to come on site for essential visits ONLY
  • Canteen - We encourage that families pre-order all items, any over the counter sales will follow the social distancing and hygiene procedures in place
  • Both the drive through areas (main gate and Sunset Hall) will be staffed to support the smooth transition of cars using these areas at drop off and pick up times

The College will continue our ongoing work to implement practices that ensures we meet the Government recommendations to support all members of our community in our return to face to face learning.

Your support of these measures is greatly appreciated. We understand that for some families not having parent's on the campus for pick up and drop offs may be a change to routine. We recommend that you begin discussions with your child/ren now as to the routine you will follow so that when the return to school begins the change will not be so great.

We will continue to communicate any changes to families as the various stages of restrictions are lifted. Thank you for your support of our staff in this time.

Uniform Shop Reopening

Noones will be reopening the Uniform Shop at Trinity Lutheran College by appointment only. To book your appointment please use this link:

The uniform shop will be opening extra hours leading up to the reopening of the College.

Online ordering can be posted or collected from front reception.

New Photography Competition

Have you entered yet? Watch the video below for all the details.

Email or send your entries via messenger before Monday morning to be in the running to win a great photography pack. One prize will be drawn for each category.

Trinity Lutheran College on Facebook Watch

Some of our entries so far......

School Photo Update

Academy Photography has let the college know that due to Covid-19 production of school photos is well behind. College photos are now anticipated to be delivered in the next 4-5 weeks. We will notify all families as soon as they arrive.

Direct Debit Payments

Just as a reminder, when you are making payments directly into the school bank account could you please use your parent code and surname as a reference. This way the payments can be allocated to the right families accounts.

Thank you for your assistance.

NEW MENU!!!! Home Meals from the Heart

Have you tried a Home Meal from the Heart? Our Canteen staff are offering take home hearty meals that are prepared fresh daily. Use the button below to see the flyer and order form.

Home Meals from the Heart Flyer and Order form

Orders to be placed by Monday at 9am each week

Zones of Regulation & Wellbeing

As I reflect on the Zones of Regulation diagram, the disruption and the uncertainty that we all share with Covid-19 it is important to acknowledge that for each family and community our experiences are all different.

This diagram is a great tool for children and adults as it reminds us to be attuned to how ourselves and others may be feeling during this “strange” time. It’s also a great reminder of the importance of self-care and compassion.

It helps us to understand that all emotions are okay and when we are moving out of the green zone and toward other zones it is because our sense of physical or emotional safety is being challenged. Social distancing, fear of illness, isolation from others are all factors that can impact our sense of safety and general wellbeing at this time.

The Zones of Regulation provides examples of tools and strategies to self-regulate, restore our sense of safety and wellbeing and return to the green zone. It’s in this zone that we have the opportunity to reflect on our strengths, challenges, connect with others, learn, play and plan ahead.

The restrictions to our lives has also given us a “silver lining” in a sense, providing us extra time in and around the home, to exercise and hopefully to engage in self-care and nurture our wellbeing. The Zones of Regulation is a great resource for everyone to use as a reminder to look after your wellbeing. When we take good care of ourselves, maintain a sense of calm and routine more so in challenging times, we are also modelling for children how to manage when faced with disruption and uncertainty.

If you would like to know more about the Zones of Regulation, wellbeing strategies or you would like further support or someone to chat to during this time I am more than happy for you to contact me

ISV Parent Website

Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) have just launched their new website. The website is cleaner and more modern looking, which they are hoping will enable parents to find items easier. ISV welcome you to visit their site at:

Application for Enrolment

First step to enrolment at Trinity is to complete the Application for Enrolment and return to the College with accompanying documents and pay the $33.00 application fee.