Teacher Weekly

St. Vincent de Paul Parish School

Greetings Staff!

You know, all too well, that teaching is a never ending learning process. It is important to me that this academic environment is one of collaboration and growth. It is important me, as your leader, that discussions and talk are positive and support an environment of student achievement. Respect in the workplace includes a positive regard for each other as individuals and for the work each does. Everyone trusts that others will do their jobs well and support one another in learning how to do their jobs even better. Please keep this in mind while you are working and collaborating with each other about implementing some new STEM principles. I am confident in STEM education. I am confident in SVDP and the Catholic education it provides. Above all, I am confident in YOU and confident that given the appropriate materials, resources, and training- you will achieve success with your learners' achievement and in the career you have chosen. Thank you for a wonderful day of professional development on Friday. I hoped it motivated you to try think differently and try some new strategies.

Kids at heart in Catholic education,


The Week's Notes

The Week's Notes


http://goo.gl/forms/G1z9adaTWE (From STEM PD)

https://goo.gl/YuzSOi (Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM) survey)

https://goo.gl/vEAyA9 (School Technology Needs Assessment (STNA survey)

ENGINEERING LAB TEACHER INCENTIVE: The excitement still continues this morning as I have had many of you talking about how engineering benefits your STEM work and how YOUR STEM work benefits engineering. Please keep track of your funds, but run any small fundraisers by me first before communicating to your class. Please send any envelopes marked "Kim Guseman" to the office. Kim is keeping track of the tickets. The program ends Friday, April 29th- you will turn your money into me on that day.

"CURRENT CONTENT IN THE CLASSROOM" BULLETIN BOARD: As so many of you were SO excited about knowing what goes on in each of your classrooms as displayed through a bulletin board we noticed in the Scope school- I mentioned we will be starting this. :) What a wonderful first impression board for prospective families, and a GREAT communicator for our supporting specials teachers! I am 'converting' one of the bulletin boards in the main hallway (currently Artist of the Month) to display current content going on in the classroom. I will need you to notify me, each time these 3 questions change in your classroom. Please indicate the following 3 areas on the board, via quick bullet points. Please do not freak out about this- Like I said on Friday, these are foundation components to what will be a full-blown STEM program in a few years. Talk with your colleagues, or Coach Waller, about how to come up with these ideas with a STEM focus.

-Topic currently working on

-PBL currently working on

-Essential question

ACCREDITATION: Please mark your calendars for March 10th and 11th. OCSAA will be coming out for these 2 days to look over our plan for improvement for the next few years. OCSAA will speak with each of you individually in March. We will have a breakfast on March 10th at 7:15 a.m. with the Accreditation team. Plan to attend and introduce yourself.

STATIONS OF THE CROSS: Each Friday during Lent, our school will be going over to confessions @ 2:30 p.m. We will dismiss from Church.

AIR TESTING: Per Diocese recommendation and for Accreditation purposes, ALL learners will be OHIO AIR testing this Spring. Here is the testing schedule. More details to come in future emails:

  • English language arts tests – April 4 to 22, paper tests;
  • Mathematics, science and social studies – April 4 to May 6, paper tests;
  • GRADE 7: ELA, and MATH

OBSERVATIONS/WALK-THROUGH: I will begin emailing you to set up your formal observation for the school year. I will be performing walk-throughs beginning next week. A copy of both the walk-through and observation can be found on the S drive. Please see me for questions.

FATHER MCNEIL: Father McNeil will be coming over on Wednesday afternoons at 2:20 p.m. to talk with our learners about saints or another topic (please let me know if you would like him to talk about something specific.) Here are the upcoming grades. Please be in the cafeteria by 2:20 to meet with him.

2/17: 6-8

2/24: K-2

3/2: 3-5

3/9: 6-8

3/16: K-2

3/23: 3-5

4/13: 6-8

4/20: K-2

4/27: 3-5

5/4: 6-8

5/11: K-2

5/18: 3-5

5/25: 6-8

Father McNeil will also be joining us on Monday mornings at 7:45 a.m. to greet learners and teachers. He will stay for Morning Gathering and help to facilitate the Knights of Columbus Mass Incentive Program. The Knights have generously donated $25.00 each week for the next few weeks to help encourage our learners to participate in Sunday mass. Father McNeil will 'draw' from the children's envelopes on Monday during Gathering.

The Week Ahead

Week Seven

Monday, February 15

Happy Presidents Day!

Tuesday, February 16


Wednesday, February 17

Father McNeil @ 2:20 p.m. for Middle School

Thursday, February 18

Friday, February 19

Stations of the Cross @ 2:30 p.m. in the Church (K-2)

Saturday, February 20

Father Daughter Dance 6:00 -8:00 @ The Women's City Club

Upcoming Events for January:

Thursday, February 18th: Parish Council

Wednesday February 24th- February 26th: Meeker out (Principal's meeting/Sts.Peter and Paul Accreditation)

March 10th/March 11th: OCSAA Accreditation

March 11: End of Quarter 3

March 12: Confirmation @ 5:00 p.m. Mass

SVDP Engineering Lab

As you know, the big push this year is to equip our STEM education, and Mr. Milam, with a state-of-the-art Engineering Lab. Our SVDP Community Council is helping to raise some of the funds primarily through sponsoring the School Carnival- to be held in May. The rest of the funding will come from grants and donations (both personal and partners). As we continue to work as a team and your wheels begin to spin over this incredible space and opportunity for our learners- we need your help.

What can YOU do:

1.) Spread the word- Write about the prospective lab in your blogs and on your newsletters. There is some detailed information listed below for you to communicate effectively.

2.) Encourage your learners to sell their Thrive and Drive tickets and sell extra tickets! The learner with the most tickets sold will earn a $200.00 gift card.

3.) Think about your own connections and reach out to see if there is interest in supporting our new Engineering Lab.

4.) Share your ideas- what other avenues are there to help seek funding for this space? How can we use our own time, talent, and treasure (and connections!) to make the SVDP Engineering Lab possible for our learners?

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