Physical Education

Fulton County Schools South Learning Community

2015 - 2016 Issue 12

Spotlighting the best and the brightest physical educators from the South Learning Community in Fulton County.

Love Nolan Elementary School

At Love Nolan, the students are finishing up their kicking unit by playing crab soccer games. The gym is set up with mats that create an arena for an ultimate crab soccer game. Everyone was involved in each game with the goal to use the bottom of their foot and kick the ball over another team's head. Differentiation was used by changing the size of the ball for the game. MVPA was achieved during the lesson and warm up, and Mrs. Jones did a great job with her Depth of Knowledge questioning. Email - for this game!

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S.L. Lewis Elementary School

Sometimes you have to do written assessments in physical education. This is a great way to integrate reading and writing into our curriculum. On this day, students at S.L. Lewis were taking their formative assessment on juggling and cup stacking. To maximize time and space, the room was set up ahead of time with pencils, tablets, and tests. Small group testing was available for students that needed additional help. I have added the assessments to our test bank below. Want more information on how to successfully do written assessments in P.E., contact Gwen Thigpen -

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Bulletin Board Idea

From Love Nolan Elementary

Rhythms & Dance

I created this poster to use for my dance unit and wanted to share.
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Fulton County Physical Education: Definitions of Instructional Technology, Rigor and MVPA in Physical Education

Instructional Technology - The strategic use of a variety of tools to promote active, engaged, and meaningful learning experiences. The use of technology in physical education should be instructionally aligned, standards-based, and designed to enhance student learning.

Rigor - The teacher creates a student-centered, challenging environment where individual student and class performance is continually assessed to guide instruction through extending, refining, and applying tasks or activities. The content is linked for transfer of learning within physical education and among other content areas.

Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) - MVPA is the time spent on moderate to vigorous physical activity during the lesson. The intensity of the activity depends on the individual’s previous experience in their level of fitness. It is the expectation that students are engaged in MVPA for a minimum of 50% of class time.

Website To Try! Have you looked in Safari Montage? There are dance videos in there that we can use in class. I've also created a playlist of dances for you to use in there! Let me know if you have any questions.

App To Try!

P.E. Games - this app has over 100 games in a variety of categories, and it is free!

Assessment Ideas

Important Sites To Know

Georgia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance -

SHAPE America (our National Standards) -

Fulton County Schools P.E. Website (you need your login credentials)

Georgia Performance Standards for P.E.

Georgia Fitnessgram

Jump Rope For Heart

Does your school participate in Jump Rope for Heart? This is a great project based learning unit for physical education! I had our community representative speak with the students, and we made post cards for the children at the local hospital. This is in addition to the great things that JRFH does to enhance our program. You can also do the Hoops for Heart in the Elementary School! Please check out or

or email our representative - Kelsey Schival -

Characteristics of Inappropriate Activities in P.E.

The Physical Education Hall of Shame. Williams, N. (1992). Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

1. Does not address the proposed student learning objectives
2. Barely promotes any of the standards
3. Lack of emphasis on teaching motor skills and lifetime physical activity skills
4. Overemphasis on and concern for fun
5. Extremely low participation time for any of the students
6. Limited physical activity (duration and intensity)
7. Focuses on eliminating students from participation
8. Has the potential to embarrass a student in front of the class
9. High risk for danger, injury, and harm
10. Requires little training or pedagogical skill to teach

- See more at:

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