Jackson "cool kid" woodruff

Rainforest biome

Rainforest food web

The producers of my rainforest food web include orchids , seeds, banana trees, and bamboo. Next the primary consumers which are the macaw, the fruit bat, the monkey, and insects. They're the ones that eat the producers. The secondary consumers are the iguana and the Red Eyed Tree Frog. Finally is the tertiary consumers which are the big dogs on the food web, or in this case, the big cats and snakes. These are the jaguar and the python.

Human impact on rain forest.

Humans impact the rainforest in negative and positive ways. For example, some people buy parts of the rain forest from logging companies in order to protect the environment from being destroyed. However the parts of the rainforest that aren't being saved are being cut down. In fact 90,000 sq miles of rainforest are harvested each year killing many animals in this ecosystem.