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St. Helena Primary School Staff Newsletter

Principal's Message

Dear Staff,

This was such a great week! I have never worked in a District where the staff is treated as they are here! We were truly pampered this week! From the gourmet boxed lunches to the food trucks - where else does that happen? As lucky as I feel to work here, I often remind myself of my colleagues at previous schools I worked at, who are now my friends...I can guarantee you, that they do not enjoy these privileges in their districts. Once again, I am reminded of how all educators deserve to be treated. We are living the example of what others deserve but aren't privileged enough to receive. I try to be grateful for that each day, and not take things for granted here. It was so sweet to see the students bring in heartfelt notes, flowers, and goodies to the staff - thanks to PTG for organizing that! Thank you, Lisa, for organizing the bike rodeo with Officer Brown and the Bike Coalition! This may have been our most exciting day at school yet!

Cinco de Mayo, though not really celebrated in Mexico, is an opportunity to celebrate Latino culture in the US. I was touched to see so many staff members dress in traditional clothing as well as some of our students! Thank you to Gabi, for playing music at recess to help us celebrate our day.

Today, Venedita & Martha were so touched by being honored this morning. The serenades and gifts presented to them throughout the day sent a message that they too are valued. What is more important than food?! Lastly, the tostada bar today was delicious!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and that the moms and moms to be get everything their hearts desire! If not, at least go get yourself a mani/pedi!

Change is hard!

I know with some changes for next year, it can be nerve-wracking and cause anxiety for some...here is a quick, easy read about how change can be good for us, even if the idea of it may make us nervous or uncomfortable.

This Week...

5.9: Staff Meeting, 3-4pm, Paula's room

  • Class Card Distribution
  • Summer School Lists
  • New Grade Level Team Building

5.12 School Nurse Day!

  • 9am: Superintendent & Board Member Haug Site Visit
  • Officer Brown Visiting classrooms
  • Fire Drill, 1:40pm

5.13: 2nd Grade to Farmer's Market

Disability Awareness Follow up Activities:

Thank you for all that you did last week to support the message of "Be the One!".

Here are the videos to show your class. I am so touched by Kaitlyn's video of her sister - the love shines through! Melissa, thank you for all that you did with Madeline! It is my hope that next year, more parents will join us in talking about their children.

Madeline's Video: https://youtu.be/_s2ZsEx1Cmc

Kaitlyn's Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t3xaaQ8k_0

Gigi's (my daughter) Video*: https://youtu.be/yJknIZ8ZHDs

I decided to go with this video of my daughter because it is nicely edited and is paints of picture of what her school day was like when she was in 1st grade. It may be a little over the heads of the students, but they can see her in her different environments (OT, Speech, PT, etc.). Feel free to skip parts, it is only 6 minutes long. My daughter is 13 now! PS, please don't judge my outfit :).

Specials & Field Days, Last Week, etc.

During the week of Field Day, there are no Specials.

There are specials during the last week of school unless teachers communicate with Specialists that they are skipping. If this is the case, Specialists will help in classrooms.

Brandon will be working with grade-level teams to figure out if there is extra time to practice for the Spring Concert.

May & June Dates (TAKE A DEEP BREATH)

5.17-5.19: Meade, Levine, Ronayne out @ GLAD Demo Days

5.18: Site-Based Collab, make classes for 22.23

This week (and next): Teachers to rotate students through in new class groups.

  • Napa County Employee of the Year Celebration

5.20: Bike to School Day

5.26: Family Fun Night, 5:30-6:30pm

5.27: Red, White & Blue Day

2nd grade to SHES (walking)

5.30: No School, Memorial Day

5.31: Sunglasses Day

2nd Grade Drama classes (2)

  • 1st Grade Field Day

6.1: Hawaiian Day

2nd Grade Drama classes (2)

6.2: Purple Day

  • 2nd Grade Field Day

6.3: Animal Day

  • TK/K Field Day

6.6: Neon Day

All School Spring Concert Dress Rehearsal, 8:50am

Class lists for 22/23 finalized and turned into Rebekah.

6.7: Giggle Day

6.8: Exercise Day

Spring Concert/Dinner, 4:45pm

6.9: Last Day of School, Dismissal at 12:15pm

Students will eat lunch at their regular lunchtime, no lunch recess

Morning Announcement Resources

Flag Salute in Spanish:

Yo prometo lealtad a la bandera de los Estados Unidos de América, y a la República que representa, una Nación, bajo Dios, indivisible, con libertad y justicia para todos.

School Rules in Spanish

Yo soy Respetuoso/a

Yo soy Responsible

Yo soy Seguro/a

Yo soy Amable

Big picture
Big picture

Office Corner


Behavior Referral Form

Intervention/Guided Reading

Spring MAP Testing


5/12 @ 8:45-11:25

Th 5/5 @ 8:45-11:25


Wed 5/11 @ 8:45

Tues 5/10 @ 8:45


Wed. 5/18 @ 10:30

Wed. 5/11 @ 10:30

Wed. 5/25 @ 10:30