Matt Rinaldi

By: Aryn Eason

About Matt

Matt Rinaldi is an attorney who lives in Irving, Texas, but he was originaly born in Bridgeport, Connecticut and was christened as a Roman Catholic. He is an incoming 2015 Republican member of the Texas House of Repersentatives, from District 115 in Dallas County. He graduated from James Madison University and further graduated with a Juris Doctor degree from Boston University School of Law, and then relocated to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.
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Stats for District vs. State

Total amount of students in Coppell ISD: 44,419

Students over the age of 18: 13,993

Ages 16-64 in District: 122,262

Ages 16-64 for State: 16,731,790

In Collage/Graduated in District: 23.3%

In Collage/Graduated in State: 24.6%

Highest employment is Professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste managment.

District: 17.9%

State average for this field is: 10.8%

Agency of my choice:

The agency I would work for would be Texas Wildlife Services. Their mission statement is:

"The mission of the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, Wildlife Services (WS) is to provide Federal leadership in managing conflicts with wildlife. WS recognizes that wildlife is an important public resource greatly valued by the American people. By its very nature, however, wildlife is a highly dynamic and mobile resource that can cause damage to agriculture and property, pose risks to human health and safety, and affect natural resources. WS conducts programs of research, technical assistance, and applied management to resolve problems that occur when human activity and wildlife conflict with one another."

What is it and how is it important?

The Texas Wildlife Services Program provides statewide leadership in the science, education and practice of wildlife management to protect the state’s agricultural, industrial and natural resources, as well as the public’s health, safety and property.

Wildlife is important to the economy and to the aesthetics and health of our environment; yet, some wildlife do at times cause problems that must be delt with in a professional manner. The Texas Wildlife Services help protect the native plants and animals of Texas, and help defend our state from invasive species. Texas Wildlife Services accomplishes this through a cooperation with federal, state, and private entities, servicing both rural and urban areas, utilizing technical assistance and direct control services in this specilized field of wildlife management.


Jobs withing this agency are:

Wildlife Animal Control

Invasive Species Cotrol

Invasive Species Researcher

Wildlife Management

Wildlife Reserve Worker

This article:

Explaines the dangers of wildfires and how they impact wildlife and the economy. It talks about actions that are being taken to reduce wildfires and how Wildlife researchers and workers under the Texas Wildlife Services are working together to come up with solutions and ways to fix was has already been damaged.