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Regional Passing Rate

It is EXCITING to announce the Blended Region is at a 70% passing rate! For several months now the region as a whole as been hovering around 60%, but this past week the average passing rate increased by 5%. Excellent job! Keep up the great work students, teachers, and school administrators!

As a region, we have increased our passing rates in History and Math. However, this month we seem to be struggling in ELA and Science. If you have an instructional practice that is working with your students, share it with the other Blended Teachers! Send your ideas and practices to

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Science Instructional Practice

In this edition we will be focusing on a Science and Math instructional practice. Multiple Representation of Knowledge is used to help students deepen their conceptual understanding.

Below is an analysis of each of the representations and its usefulness in helping the students deepen their conceptual understanding:

It is common to represent real scenarios with a pictorial representation such as a sketch. It helps the students that have a preference for visual learning.

A verbal representation helps the students articulate what is happening in the given scenario.

The equation that describes the situation is the mathematical representation.

The situation can be represented in a numerical way.

Graphical representations are commonly constructed from data collected in a lab experiment. Through graphs students can obtain pertinent information.

A diagram can be used to illustrate the situation.

Students can demonstrate a deeper level of understanding of science or math concepts by their ability to translate (move back and forth) between different representations of knowledge.


Math Video:

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SPOTLIGHT: Hill House Passport Academy- The Importance of Student Relationships

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to Ms. Noyes, a History Teacher at HHPA. HHPA is a Passport School serving students from ages 16 to 21 who are credit deficient. Ms. Noyes and other staff members make it a PRIORITY to develop STRONG STUDENT RELATIONSHIPS. I asked her to share some of ways HHPA establishes student relationships.

1) How you develop the relationship at the beginning? "By giving respect. The only way a relationship can be built in any circumstance is when there is mutual respect from both sides."

2) How do HHPA teachers maintain these student relationships throughout the year? "Follow-up is different for each staff member and different for each student and their personalities. Some students need you to get into their faces and stay on them and other just need an ear."

3) What are five key components in mentoring a student?

Respect, patience, communication, understanding and dependability

Hear from a student about their experience at HHPA:

"They stay on you to make sure you’re at school, you’re keeping your grades up and you’re doing what you need to. They ride you.” –Gwayla Nash, Class of 2016,


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Middle School NEW Course Platform for SY1617!!

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