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Achieve3000 is excited to announce another contest!

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How to Earn Read to Succeed Points

From Monday, February 22 through Friday, March 18, every time a student in your class completes a multiple-choice activity, your class earns one point. For every score of 75%, your class earns two points. And for every score of 88% or higher, your class earns three points!

The class with the most points on average, per student, wins!

Note: To be eligible to win, 75% of your class must complete at least eight multiple-choice activities during the contest period.


At the end of the contest, Achieve 3000 will look at all of the classes in the school where 75 percent of students have completed eight activities during the contest. The class with the most points (on average, per student) wins a prize.
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In addition to reading your assigned articles, feel free to read for fun!