Mom Dad Tangerine tracking smore

Erik and Pauls mother and father

Mom and Dads big secret.

Paul's mom and dad hid that the reason he has such bad eyesight was because of Erik and Vincent Castor spraying paint in his eyes. they said that they did'nt want Paul to hate Erik his whole life."We wanted to find a way to keep you from always hating your brother.""did you see the white paint on Erik's hands? She didnt hesitate. yes."

How they treat Paul and Erik.

Paul's dad didn't pay attention to anything Paul did sports wise because he was focused on the Eric Fisher football dream. Paul's mom was kinda of over protective."Those boys shouldn't be out there in a thunderstorm". "its ok if you dont pay attention to us both just let me go to tangerine middle school"

The Move.

Paul's dad had gotten a new job in Florida so the family had to move. because of their decision to move Paul made new friends joined a great soccer team and Erik helped in a murder and was accused of for stealing a lot of jewelry.'civil engineering jobs-like your fathers"we have the better record were 9-0-1""turned and whipped the blackjack""Arthur takes care of all my light work""these items were stolen by Erik Fisher and Arthur Bauer"

Letting Paul go to tangerine middle school.

their choice on letting Paul go to tangerine made a big difference in his life because he got a second chance at playing soccer and he made many different friends who made him do different things."we have the better record were 9-0-1"."tino and i get along ok"