Terms and Conditions


Important things to know about Temporary apartments


The published rates are final prices and -except when specified- they include all building taxes, such as electricity, water, gas, expenses, city taxes and –when it’s included- cable service, internet connection and maid service.

It is important that we take care of the sustainable use of water and electricity. As we know this is an important matter for all of us.

Administrative Fees

Our fee for our service is US$ 40 per reservation. No matter the longer you are staying Baires Lodge will charge US$ 40 fee per reservation.

Early check in and late check in

Baires Lodge regularly delivers keys from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM. If you are planning to arrive before 9.00 AM or later than 9.00 PM be aware that the check in is subject to availability of representative. This service it has an extra charge depending on the arrival time.

From 6.00 AM until 9.00 AM US$ 20

From 9.00 PM until 12.00 AM US$ 20

From 12.00 AM until 4.00 AM US$ 40

About the security deposit

The damage deposit is refunded on the departure day after the owner has reviewed the inventory and provided that there are neither damages nor missing items. At this point the guest should return the keys to the owner.

The cost to repair any damaged cause by the guest will be deducted from the security deposit. If the cost to repair damages exceeds the amount of the security deposit, the difference must be paid by the guest.

Guests must return the property in the same clean conditions in which it was presented upon arrival. The inclusion of cleaning services in the price of the rent does not revoke the obligation of guests to leave the property in the same clean conditions in which it was presented upon arrival.

If the property is returned in an inadequate state of order and cleanliness, the owner is authorized to deduct from the deposit the cost of cleaning necessary to return the property to it’s original condition.

The amount of the security deposit varies according to the length of your stay, as it follows:

1 to 29 days = 1 week of rent (weekly price)

30 days = 2 weeks of rent (weekly price)

31 days or more = 1 month of rent


In order to confirm a reservation of an apartment found in our network you will be asked to pay the %20 of rent + the administrative fee.

Our payment methods are:

1. Cash in our office

2. PayPal (easy and secure way to pay with credit cards)

3. Dinero Mail (easy and secure way to pay with credit cards)

Once we receive the payment your reservation will be confirmed and you will get instructions for check in.

Important notice: The time period of the reservations must be respected. Reservations cannot be moved. If you arrive to the apartment after the original check in date it was booked for, you must pay from the initial arrival date booked. In the same way, if by any reason you decide to leave days before the original check out day you will not be refunded.

Cancellation Policy

If the guest needs to cancel the reservation, the money paid is not refundable the same if he/she wants to shorten his/her stay cause is considered to be a compensation to the landlord.

Minimum and maximum stays

Most of the apartments have a minimum stay of one week and a maximum between six months and two years. Even do some of them might have other restrictions time specified in the description of the property.

Extension of your stay

If you are planning to extend your stay, first thing to do is to contact Baires Lodge in order to check the availability of the property. In case it is available you will be invited to stop by our offices to sign a new contract and pay for the new period.

About Check in and check out

Check in time is from 2.00 PM and on

Check out time is 10.00 AM

Important note: If you are arriving before 2.00 PM and the apartment is available you might check in earlier without extra charge. In the same way, if you have a late flight and the apartment is available you might stay in the apartment until your most convenient time to check out without extra charge.

In this last case we will need the landlord’s approval as he/she will be the one that check you out.

Admission and permanence in the apartment

1. Guests are obligated to provide the names, ID numbers and ages of all persons who will occupy the property. The use of the property by the guest to provide lodging for more people than the maximum capacity stated in the lease agreement is basis for eviction.

2. The guests must respect the buildings’ rules in relation to the admission of pets, noises and other associated circumstances. The violation of this regulation is basis for eviction.

3. All property owners reserve the right to make the final decision regarding the reception of guests in their properties

Published information

The information published on Baires Lodge website is provided solely to guide the client in his/her decision-making process, and thus, cannot be considered exact.

In each and all cases, this information has been gathered by trained Baires Lodge staff in accordance with an evaluation of each property, and from what the owners of the apartments have reported.

Guarantee of the reservation

Baires Lodge works with the primary function of reserving a specified housing arrangement for a specified time period for a guest who requested it.

1) In the event of unexpected damage caused to the property before the arrival of the guest, which prevents the stay at that location, Baires Lodge will inform the guest of the unexpected situation, offering two alternatives:

a) Relocation in another apartment available for the needed time period;

b) Refund the amount which was paid for the initial reservation.

2) In the event of unexpected damage caused to the property at the arrival time or during the stay of the guest that prevents him/her from remaining in that location, Baires Lodge guarantees the guest
that all necessary action will be taken in order to solve the problem. The guest in therefore committed to accept all actions taken by the management in order to create a resolution of the arisen problem. In case the problem is so serious that it cannot be solved in a reasonable time, Baires Lodge offers the guest two alternatives:

a) Relocation in another apartment available for the needed time period;

b) Refund the rent equivalent to the remaining days of the contract.

3) In no case will Baires Lodge accept reclamations or requests of relocation due to disturbances coming from outside the limits of the reserved unit. For example: noises from the street or any noises coming from outside the property –either buildings under construction or other-, from the state of the spaces of common use of a building, from repairs taking place in neighboring units or in the building –either with the elevator or other-, or any other situation taking place outside the limit of the unit that has been reserved.

About telephone services

Most of the apartments offered by Baires Lodge have two different types of phones:

Regular line phone: (pre paid)

Cell phone: (also pre paid)

In both cases you will be able to do only local phone calls, for a period of time.

If you want to call other countries or cell phone numbers, we suggest you to buy “Telecom Global” phone card at any kiosk. You will find instructions on the back of the phone card.

About Internet Connection

Many of the apartments offered on this web site also include Internet access. In Buenos Aires, this service may be provided through different means (Cable modem, ADSL, Wi-Fi, 3G, etc.). Usually, on each property description you will find the type of internet access provided in each unit. However, if this information is not provided and it is relevant for you to have it, please, do not hesitate to request it to our representatives before booking the apartment. Obs.: The inclusion of Internet access does not involve the provision of a computer.


1) The Internet connection is provided by a local Internet company and it is not the responsibility of the owner, nor of Baires Lodge, to ensure that this service will function perfectly during your stay. Thus, should the Internet company fail to fulfill service for any technical reason, the reparation of the Internet access will not be the responsibility of the owner, nor of Baires Lodge.

2) If you are traveling with a MAC, please be aware that you may experience difficulties with its Internet access configuration. In the past, we have occasionally had problems, which we could not always resolve, and for this reason we feel it is important to inform you of this possibility. Any special access configuration is not the responsibility of the owner, or of Baires Lodge.

Special note about Terms and Conditions

By confirming a reservation through Baires Lodge it is understood that you have read and accept the terms and conditions posted on our site, following all the rules and suggestions of the same.