History Block 5

Themes to Analize and Reflect

The Solidarity of Mexicans before Disaster

The solidarity, responsibility, and social compromise of the Mexicans has been shown in different occacions. The morning of September 19, 1985 an earthquake of 8.1 degres affected the central south and west parts of Mexico.
As a consequnce of the earthquake, lots of constructions were badly damaged. Thousands of people were burried under the callapsed buildings. The people that survived acted spotaneosly and wanted to help. Groups were formed to donate blood, to rescue the buried people,remove the debris, etc. More than 4000 people that were buried were saved.
This tragedy however, helped the government realize that they were not ready for these kind of accidents. Today, there is a Nacional System of Civil Protection. Every September 19, they do drills in wich thousands of people participate.The government also now has a Plan de Auxilio a la Poblacion civil.
Terremoto 19 de Septiembre 1985