Tweet! Tweet!

Ms. Garris' Class is Now On Twitter!

I Never Thought...

So I'm one of those people that have stayed as far away from Twitter and Facebook as possible, but while being at the GaETC conference, I realized that my class is totally missing out being connected with TONS of people who are big players in the STEM revolution. I'm still not on the Facebook train, but I'm going to give this whole Twitter thing a try!

I'm starting out small with this. We're going to form 1 tweet / week / class. In order to do this, we're going to collaborate to form our tweets, so everyone will have input, but we will also know that we will have to compromise at times.

Not every tweet I post will be class formed. I've already put a tweet up about an upcoming robotics event.

So join me in the STEM revolution, and start following us on Twitter!