Crate Full Stack gt1200h

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Product Description

This affordable Crate Stack delivers the flexibility of 3 independent channels, master spring Reverb, and Crate's incredible FlexWave Evolution 5 preamp. The GT1200 stack is a 120-watt powerhouse with the comapct GT1200H head, and G412ST straight-front and G412SL angled-front 4x12 in. speaker cabinets.

The GT1200H head provides Gain, Shape and Level controls on its Solo channel; Gain, 3-band EQ and Level on its Rhythm channel; and Volume and 3-band EQ on the Clean channel. The 120-watt G412 cabinets are loaded with new Crate speakers, and are compact in size. The GT1200H head also features RCA CD inputs to which you can connect your CD, tape or MP3 player, so you can practice with your favorite tracks. The stack includes a CFS3 metal footswitch for Channel, Gain and Reverb control.

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(941) 677-2812.

Call or Text

(941) 677-2812