What is UNICEF ?

UNICEF is the United Nations agency which aims to ensure compliance with the rights of children .
The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the fundamental law on which bases all of its work. UNICEF tries to turn it into an international standard of respect for the rights of the child.
UNICEF seeks social transformation and so committed to their work to all those social sectors that can contribute to the development of their target

What does UNICEF ?

UNICEF works to achieve three outcomes for all children :

• A good start in life, in an environment of care, attention and security that allow them to survive and be physically healthy , mentally alert , emotionally secure , socially competent and able to learn.
• Ensuring that all children have access to quality basic education and that they can complete .
• that adolescents have opportunities to fully develop their individual capacities in a safe and nurturing environment , enabling them to participate in society and contribute to

Haw you can help?

What does become a partner of UNICEF ?

Your regular supply as a partner allows us to carry out comprehensive programs that benefit children and families in poverty and need our support.
UNICEF works with governments, NGOs and other partners to carry out development cooperation projects in more than 190 countries. These projects address the key themes to ensure children's rights : survival , education and protection , paying particular attention to the most vulnerable . Millions of children have no access to clean water, adequate food , quality education and essential medicines.
Our organization is funded by voluntary contributions from individuals, companies , public and private institutions . Without the collaboration of our partners , it would not be possible to carry out our misión.