Am I an Entreprenuer?

Matt Trumm

How am I like Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield?

I am like Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield because if there is something that I truly believe in I will set a goal and attain that goal. I am also like them in the fact that I show passion for what I do.

How am I different from Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield?

I wouldn't be a good entrepreneur like them because I am not much of a risk taker. I am not very creative either. If I were to become an entrepreneur I would need to up my creativity and allow myself to take the risk of starting a business.

What do I do to become and entreprenuer?

To become an entrepreneur you need hard work, dedication, money, and an idea. If one of these fails then your business will fail, they're interdependent on each other. If you have no dedication than you will not be successful. To be successful you must want it, not just say I am going to do this!

The Quiz resutls for me!

After taking's quiz I found out that if I really tried I would be able to become an entrepreneur.