It hurts people!

What is Bullying?

The definition in the dictionary defines it as; use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants. Bullying can be pushing or shoving, stealing or breaking things, verbal (teasing or name calling), social (excluding people), and/or starting rumors using the internet or texting.

Why do people bully?

The reason why most people bully is because it makes them feel stronger than the other person. It makes them feel like they actually have control over someone. The bully is most likely going through a rough time and is angry; so he is taking all their anger out on a specific person. Maybe they're doing it to get back at a specific person because maybe you did something to them. Bullies often suffer from social and emotional problems.

Who is most likely to be bullied?

The people who are most likely to get bullied are kids. People might get bullied by their height or lack of it. They can also get bullied by their color or size. They might even get bullied by the way they talk, who their family is, or who their friends are. People can get bullied by basically anything that can be perseived as diffent. As by gender, religion, or even communication skills.

Why should bullying be stopped?

Bullying should be stopped because it hurts people! It hurts them emotionally. Makes them feel unwanted, useless, and rejected. Severe bullying can lead to suicide and self-harm. There are two type of bullying cyber bullying and physical bullying. Although physical bullying can hurt so does cyber bullying it hurts emotionally and it leads to long term mental health. Both the victim and society lose out on quality of life and productivity over the victims life time.

How to stop bullying?

If someone is bullying you dont fight back. Don;t ever call the bully a name it will only makes things worse. Know when to walk away for example if you are feeling insecure or worried then you might want to consider leaving. If you are being cyberbullied dont answer back to the bully. Look the bully in the eyes and tell him/her to stop. If you can, prepare what you might want to say to the bully when you confront them. You could use humor to turn the comment ,the person made, around into a positive thing if it is appropriate. You can ask a trusted adult or a school administrator. Report the action if you think it is getting to out of control. Stand up for other people and spread the word that bullying has to stop.