Paw Prints

Week of January 11, 2016

Panther News

Thank you for a great first week back after Christmas Break!!! We started off with professional learning ideas that we can take back to our classrooms, more students are activating their Google accounts, 3rd grade Guided Reading groups are changing based on lexile scores from Performance Series, learned more about the resources Reading A - Z has to offer, and numerous Kindergarten and 1st grade students were recognized for the growth they made during 2nd quarter!!!

Click here to view the Panther News for next week. If there is anything we can do to help or if you have any questions, please let us know.

Enjoy your weekend,
Troy, John, and Karen

Book Room

Thank you in advance for your help in keeping our book room organized and making sure books are returned in the correct location.

Report Cards

Report cards are printed and placed in mailboxes. Thank you in advance for checking behind me to make sure the same student's report card printed on the front and back.

Georgia Milestones Online Practice Website

Below is another online testing practice site for the Georgia Milestones. It is a 15 question practice guide to get students use to the testing format online including the testing accommodations practice.

If you click on the site and then go down and click on the 3-5 grade practice, you can have your kids go through the questions to review the format. When it goes to the sign on page, they can just click sign-on and do not have to put name, etc.... They will see a variety of questions. This is especially good at getting them to get use to multiple passages and constructed responses as it gives them multiple opportunities to respond to all types of short and long prompts.