We will help ALL students reach their social, emotional, and academic potential.



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A Message From Mr. Zotos...

As you read the quote above, let us reflect on the message and protect OUR Sequoyah family this coming school year. We need to take care of each other like a loving family. We need to set aside our personal and/or political beliefs for the collective good and well-being of OUR Sequoyah family. We do not need a Sequoyah house divided. We need one powerful and UNITED community that serves and adds value to each other.

When we develop the ability to help and add value to others, we experience the following fortunate five benefits: 1) Empathy and compassion for those in need...2) Learn to see value and worth in ALL people...3) Understand and develop your own strengths through service...4) Set yourself apart from others in a positive, meaningful way...5) Gain respect from others because of your kindness. When we learn and add value to the lives of others, we serve them, improve our world, and live a more fulfilled life.

Please help us on OUR journey and vision of helping ALL Sequoyah students reach their social, emotional, and academic potential.

Let's make this our best year ever...GO THUNDERBIRDS!

Love and Hugs,

Mr. Zotos


IMPORTANT EVENTS...see bolded items below for additions/changes every Monday after 5PM, so please check back weekly!

  1. CASH $$$ donations for our BIG fundraiser will continue through this week and end Friday, October 22. Earn those exciting and crazy Oinksterz. We will continue to distribute those 'pesky pigs' this week. Let's finish strong, we are so, so close to our $15,000 profit goal!!!

    • For every $25 cash donation per student in PaySchools Events, you earn 2 Oinksterz (Example: a $50 donation would earn 4 Oinksterz, a $100 donation would earn 8 Oinksterz).
    • For payment verification purposes, please have your student bring a copy of the confirmation email (with their name on it) to school to redeem for the exciting Oinksterz.

    Here's the link to the PaySchools Events page to donate:

  1. Book Fair Fun...see flyer below for details.

  2. UNITY DAY-Wednesday, October 20...consider wearing an orange shirt/hat (ONLY if easily accessible). See information below for details.

  3. Halloween Fun...see revised letter below for details. Parade starts at 11:15 outside for pick-up after the parade at dismissal time of 11:55. Great idea by some parents...why drive back to Sequoyah twice!

  4. Arrival/Dismissal...same doors and procedure as last year...K (door 15)...1st...

    (door 16)...3rd (door 17)...2nd/4th/5th (door 1...three separate doors at main entrance by flagpole). Teachers in grades K and 1st will meet/greet your students in the morning and dismissal at the doors discussed above. Students in grades 2-5 will walk into school at their designated doors above. Remember, parents will not be allowed in the building so please review where your child will enter/exit school.

  5. Drinking Fountains...only the filling station will be operational at this time. The drinking portion/part is still closed so bring those water bottles for proper hydration.

  6. Volunteers...none at this time, we will re-evaluate after 30 days or so in preparation for Halloween festivities, etc.

  7. Supply Sharing...limit sharing like last year by encouraging individual supplies.

  8. B-Day Treats...back and agreed upon by grade level.
  9. Thunderbird 3 Heroes (monthly, first group announced October 27)/Thunderbird 3 Tickets & Ticket Store (redeem every 6-8 weeks)...all three initiatives will continue! A prize cart will deliver the prizes to the pods so the students can choose. First 'prize' distribution will be the week of November 1.

  10. Playground/ zones at this time but teachers will be mindful of their students and playmates. We will not overcrowd the playground with more than 5 classes at a time. Three designated recess times will be provided daily for each classroom along with their weekly PE/gym class fun.

  11. Seating Charts/Groups (contact tracing/quarantines continue)...needed for classrooms, specials (art, music, science, and PE), and cafeteria. Maximize our space and try to keep students at least 3 feet apart when possible. Classroom teachers will let their specials colleagues and Ms. Stacie know (cafeteria) when changes are made. When the classroom seating changes, specials and cafeteria do as well.

  12. Masks...Chippewa Valley Schools are strongly encouraging staff to wear or wear masks "most" of the time. Optional for students to wear masks at school but mandatory for ALL on buses.

  13. Service Squad/Safeties/Student Council/Science Olympiad/Lego Robotics/Music Concerts, etc...they're back!

  14. Snack Time...choose designated time or allow eating all day (agreed upon as a grade level).

  15. Specials (art, music, science, and PE)...rotate daily like in years past.

  16. Cubbies...use like before but try to limit crowding in the cubby area.

  17. Supply/T-Shirt/Party Money (Voluntary Donation)...decided as a grade level team ($20-$30 max). All money collected via PaySchools.

  18. Field Trips...virtual at this time and money is collected using PaySchools.

  19. Picture Retakes...Thursday, November 11 (retakes for all and CVVA students from 9:30-12:30). Look below for flyer/details...

  20. Parking Lot/Crossing Guard...the front of the school will be blocked for curbside arrival/dismissal for safety purposes. Please be extremely slow, careful, and cautious in the parking lot as precious, priceless Thunderbirds are all around! Our crossing guard (Ms. Theresa) is back to help walkers and bikers on the curve along Woodside Drive. More crossing guards are needed at Sequoyah so please consider applying at

  21. Parent/Teacher Conferences...Wednesday, October 20 and Thursday, October 21 (Virtually...teachers should have scheduled already).

  22. Childcare/SACC (opens on our first day)...REGISTRATION INFORMATION

    Registrations will be online and will require Auto Pay. There is a non-refundable fee of $20 per child with a maximum of $60 per family.

    · Registration link:

    · Program registration and tuition will be online and Auto-Pay required.

    · Registrations/schedules will be pending until all information has been verified by childcare director.

    For further information feel free to contact Debbie or Sally (childcare directors) @586-723-7036 or see them at Open House on Tuesday, August 31(5:00-7:30).

  23. Cleaning/Sanitizing...occurs throughout the day in all locations.

  24. Morley Candy Sale (9-27-21 thru 10-18-21)...see details below. Same prizes and excitement! All collection of money and distribution of candy will be done on-line and delivered directly to homes.

  25. Visitors/Late Arrivals/Early Dismissals...Parents will use outside buzzer (door 1) when bringing students in late. Parents will sign in the student on the table located between the two sets of doors. Parents will not enter past the vestibule doors, just the student. Parents will use the outside buzzer when signing students out early. Proof of identification will be shown to the camera outside and then you will be buzzed in to sign your student out. Parents will wait between the two sets of doors in the vestibule area, sign the student out, show proof of identification through the window, then the student will be brought to the door. Forgotten lunches, materials, etc…A bin will also be placed between the two sets of doors; parents can label and drop off items in the bin for delivery to your sweet Thunderbird.

  26. Check back on Monday's after 5 PM for updates, pictures, etc!

UNITY DAY-Wednesday, October 20

Consider wearing something orange (IF you have it, please don't buy!). Great video created by a 7th grade student last year.

Halloween Fun

Outside parade for ALL to enjoy...Friday, October 29 @ 11:15 AM!!!

Sequoyah Calendar

Updated weekly and subject to change...

Walk To School Day 2021

What a wonderful turn out for walk to school day! The weather was great and there were many familiar faces to greet and cheer on our Sequoyah students as they made their way to school.
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2021-2022 Announcement Team

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Announcement Team Members!

Caroline B., Nella B., Avery B., Landon B., Grace B., Zoe C., Gabby C., Mackenzie H., Allison N., Sean R., Annabella S., Alyssandra S., Stefani S., and Teegan T.

Thanks Mrs. Nicholson and Ms. Stacie for coordinating and helping!

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2021-2022 Student Council

Congrats to these students who will be serving as class representatives for our 2021-2022 Student Council!

Brooklyn S., Alex C., Jayden F., Emery C., Dylan M., Auggie V., Brian G., Maksym L., Sean R., Alyssandra S., Gabby C., Emmanuel K., Nicoletta M., Alex S., Gia G., Anthony M., Charlie M., Azaan A., Stefani S., Andrei E., Annabella S., and Avianna S.

And a special thank you to Ms. Scharf for coordinating and helping!

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2021-2022 Service Squad

Congratulations to the following students who were selected as members of our 2021-2022 Service Squad.

Katelyn A., Jack N., Jonathan D., Avneet D., Riley S., Ella B., Brooklyn S., Evelyn W., Charlie L., Kayla C., Aya K., Jonah R., Gia G., Alexis D., Conner C., Danielle K., Alex R., Drew R., Charlie M., Stefani S., Brielle K..

Thank you to Mrs. Villaire for coordinating and helping with this!

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2021-2022 Safety Patrol

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to be members of the 2021-2022 Safety Patrol.

Cullen J., Olivia S., Maria V., Abigail E., Arianna T., Charley B., Robineo S., Leah B, Landon B., Joshua T., Delany C., Arijeta N., Cara F., Jylian Y., Adrienne P., Isabella M., Massimo E., Maci M., Nella B., Marcello G., Evan R., Joelle N., Jack S., Isabela D., Sebastian B., Adrianna B., Trenton Y., Tessa R., Dylan A., Josh T., Claire V., Giorgio P., Ivana D., Annabella S.

Sending thanks to Mr. Malburg for all of his help and coordination of our safeties!


FREE breakfast and lunch for ALL Chippewa Valley Students!!!

Thanks to a program extension from the USDA, Chippewa Valley Schools will now feed all children 18 years and younger for FREE through the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

Distribution will not take place during holiday breaks.

To see if your family qualifies for additional benefits,

please fill out a free/reduced application at

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Family Guides: Supporting Math & Literacy Learning in 2021-2022...Click Blue Link Below

Seek Common Ground and 'Student Achievement Partners' created grade level guides to help support your child's learning in the 2021-2022 school year. Learn more about what your child(ren) should know and be able to do in math and literacy. In addition, how to reinforce learning with everyday activities, tips for talking to teachers, and online resources/games.

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