Sammy Davis Jr.


By: Sona Brown

What was Sammy best known for?

Sammy was best known for his character. He was a popular actor,comedian,singer, and dancer. He could also play multiple instruments like the trumpet,drums,guitar,tall bass violin, piano, and many others. Sammy also did some shows with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Davis was nominated for a Record of the Year Grammy. Sammy also played in some movies such as "The Ocean's 11, The Cannonball Run, Tap, Robin and the 7 Hoods, Salt and Pepper, A Man Called Adam" and other interesting movies.

What struggles did he go through?

1. When Sammy was three years old, his parents divorced. 2. When he was on his way to Las Vegas, he got in a very serious car accident. The car accident caused him to have to remove his left eye and get a glass eye. 3. He was diagnosed with laryngeal (throat) cancer in 1889 and in 1990 he died.

Fact about him

Sammy converted to Judaism when he was in the hospital after his car accident. When he was reading the book "A History of the Jews" he saw a paragraph that said Jews would not die. Also in the paragraph, there was a prophet that said all Jews have a spirit that gives man the will to live and doesn't let any form of destruction kill them. After reading this, Sammy converted.

How did Sammy's life impact the world?

He made people happy with what he did. Everyone couldn't wait to see what he had to show the world next.
Sammy Davis Jr. - The Candy Man (1972)

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