Counting by 7's

Written by: Holly Sloan Flyer by: Jaida Houge

Summary, Theme, Setting

Counting by 7's is a book about friendships, lose and coming back from a hard time. Willow is a very smart girl who knows about everything about nature and loves to count by 7's. When Willow is 12 her parents die in a car accident and she ends up getting adopted by Mai and her family. Dell Duke is Willows councilor who helps her get through her hard time after her parents pass away.

The setting of this book is Willows school, Dell Duke's house, and Mai's moms nail salon. Counting by 7's theme is to never give up even if you are in a tough situation.

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Authors purpose ~Rate this book compared to first quarter book.

I think the author wrote this book for entertainment, however to go deeper I believe she wrote it to give readers a lesson. It is sad but some kids do go through life not having parents or having a tragic accident occur. This book shows that who ever you are and what ever you are going through you will make it.

I liked this book better than my book I read first quarter which was The Beginning of Everything. Both books were similar in what the theme was and both had a tragedy occur. However I liked Counting by 7's better because it was more real life because as I was reading this book you start to think about what if this actually happened? Then you realize it does and you really feel for the character.

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Myself compared to Willow

I honestly don't think I could be as strong as Willow was during the passing of her parents. She handled it by reserving herself and being very quite. She was very strong and made the grieving process easier on herself.

I on the other hand would totally break down. Honestly I would take a break from sports and other actives. This might not be the best decision however that is how I would deal with the loss of a loved one. In this case I think Willow would be stronger than me.

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One thing I would change

One thing I would change about the book would be that when Mai and her family took Willow in and tried to let her stay at Dell Dukes house the social services were very strict and didn't really care about being nice to a girl who just lost her family and people that were on the verge of poverty trying to take her in. I felt like they deserved better.

What would have happened if this book was written in a different time?

If this had happened a long time ago the people that try to take Willow away from her "new family", which is Dell Duke and Mai, wouldn't be as strict. They could get away with Willow just being able to stay and not having to go to court. I think the process would have been a lot easier.


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