Hungry Tony

Matching hungry diners with vacant tables in real-time

Have empty tables?

Offer them to local potential diners whop are searching for food. Using three simple controls on any smartphone our restaurant can tell local diners all about your restaurant and make them offers if you want. If they come and dine with you you are charged £1.50, if they don't you dont pay a penny. It's new, simple and going to change the way hungry diners find restaurants.

The future of city dining

Beta launches in April 2013

With over 100 restaurants across London signed up already the Hungry Tony beta trial will be starting soon. If you would like your restaurant to be a part of the programme please contact us on the details below and we'll talk you through everything you need to know

Hungry Tony by Anqa

For more information about joining the programme please contact Shauna McGill on the details below