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Hancock Elementary School

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We love our lunch visitors!

Parents were able to begin eating lunch with their child last week. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we started the new year!

All parents will show their license in order to be admitted to the cafeteria and scanned into our V-Soft system.

  • Visitors are welcome to sit with the child they came to visit only.
  • Other children are not allowed to join.
  • Adults and visitors will be asked to sit at a separate table to enjoy their time on campus.
  • Outside food is welcome to be brought for the visitor and student but may not be shared with other children.
  • Young siblings, under school age, will need to stay seated with the parent and are not allowed to run around in the cafeteria.
  • Students will be released from lunch at the appropriate time even if the visitor is late to lunch.
  • Adult visitors do not have permission to speak to other children in the cafeteria. If this is an issue, the adult will be asked to leave the campus.

If someone else is coming for lunch (grandparents, etc.) they will need to be accompanied by the parent/guardian. They cannot come in on their own even with a note from the parent.

If the parent wants to allow other visitors for their child during lunch, please inquire with the registrar, Ms. Rodriguez 281-897-4523

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Tuesday, November 5th-Parent Teacher Conferences/Professional Day (No School for children)

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Can your child explain the procedures of their classroom?

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Teachers have been teaching and reteaching the procedures to set your children up for success. Each topic below is planned out specifically in each classroom. Can your child explain what they are supposed to do?

By knowing their expectations, they will be successful during the school day.

If they cannot remember, please contact your child's teacher for clarity so that you can support them at home.

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Dismissal details...

Dear Hancock Families,

Friendly Reminder...

  • Car Riders will be picked up in the back of the building on Prestonwood Forest. The children will be walked by staff members.
  • Daycare buses are located in the front of the building.
  • Walkers will be released in the front of the building by the flag pole.
  • Buses will roll from the Bus ramp.
  • Club Rewind will start in the cafeteria until picked up by their parent.

*Just a friendly reminder, anytime that you need to change your child's transportation, please send a note BEFORE 2:30 pm. We cannot accept phone calls or email.

After 2:30, we will not make transportation changes or retrieve children. Children will be dismissed based on their normal dismissal pattern.

Thank you so much for your support so that we can make sure we release 875 students in a safe manner.

Lissa Archuletta, Principal

Hancock Morning Tidbits

  1. We open the building beginning at 7:45.
  2. Students dropped before 7:45 are unsupervised and will be in the elements as the weather changes.
  3. Breakfast will be in the cafeteria beginning at 7:45-8:05 each day.
  4. Parents are requested not to enter the cafeteria so that staff can monitor the children for safety.
  5. If you need to deposit money in your child's account, please visit the district website to set up an account. The link is located on our campus website or please wait until 8:30 am if necessary to enter the cafeteria. We need to make sure all 875 children have been fed and are on their way to class. We do not want to hold up the line.
  6. Pre-K students will enter the cafeteria and sit with their teacher. They will eat breakfast in the cafeteria.
  7. All breakfast will be eaten in the cafeteria and not in the rooms. Food is not allowed to be eaten in the classroom.
  8. The cafeteria closes for breakfast at 8:05.

Important Dates coming up:

September 17:

  • Cookies and Curriculum Night PPCD-1 (only the staff of these grades need to stay along with support staff)-5:30-6:30-Title 1 Night-please sign in/out
  • Pick up Planetarium

September 20:

  • Hawk Leader Presentation during large group for 5th grade-presented by Ms. Ross

September 23:
  • CPOC/Team Leader meeting 3:45-PPR
September 24:
  • Cookies and Curriculum Night 2-5 (only the staff of these grades need to stay along with support staff) 5:30-6:30-Title 1 Night-please sign in/out
October 2:
  • National Custodians Recognition Day
  • Workshop Wednesday 5:30-6:15
October 5:
  • National Do Something Nice Day
October 11:
  • National Stop Bullying Day
October 17:
  • Teacher of the Year Gala-Congratulations Ms. Berry!!!!

October 22:

  • Coffee and Conversations with the Principal-Title 1-9:00-Cafeteria

October 25:

  • End of 1st Nine Weeks

October 28:

  • Beginning of 2nd nine Weeks
  • National Make a Difference Day

October 30:

  • Fall Pictures

October 31:

  • Book Character Parade-more information to follow
  • Halloween
November 3:
  • Daylight Savings Time: Fall Back

November 5:

  • Professional Day/Parent Conference Day

November 8:

  • Veteran's Day Celebration-more information to follow

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We are celebrating 73 September Birthdays this month!

Girls: 32

Boys: 41