Unwrapping the Gifted

A Master Class on Gifted Education

Expectations for this Training

During the training, participants will deepen their understanding of the key principals of differentiated instruction and expand their repertoire of instructional strategies for teaching academically diverse students.

September 26th at 4 in the media center

1. What makes a student "gifted"?

2. What to look for as an educator.

3. What gifted is not.

4. Impact of giftedness on students.

5. Resources available for gifted students.

6. What can teachers do?

7. What should be the future of gifted education?

8. Revising our mission to incorporate inclusion of diverse students.

9. Understanding flexible learning options in Michigan.

10. How to engage students through "gifted and talented" activities and programs.

Take Aways

Continued Development

The case studies in this rich resource analyze various differentiation strategies and their benefits to promote classrooms where every student belongs, every student is valued, and every student is nurtured. The cases facilitate conversations about children and their unique needs by situating learning in authentic and meaningful contexts, with the goal of helping educators improve services and programs for gifted and talented students.

*Resources will be provided to share with families and community shareholders.


Please RSVP with Ms. Ayanna Thomas by Thursday September 22nd.
A Tale of Two Teachers | Melissa Crum | TEDxColumbusWomen

Warm Up....

Watch Dr. Melissa Crum speak on diverse classrooms. Be prepared to share your thoughts!