Child Soldiers

Maham Amjad


-Children were trained to kill but don't wish to

-The child's still considered himself a child except he was just turned to a murdering soldier

-As a child soldier holding a gun convinces you that you somehow have power and feel bigger

-When you see these children they expect you to treat them as soldiers or as grown man , they lost there innocent that every child comes with

-A child does not think twice before killing because at a young age they are taught that what they do is good

Psychologically these children are forced to get rid of there innocence so quickly and turn into killers. This changes how they think and how they feel , there giving a sense of power at a age where they should not be having such power.


-The way these African children were taught and raised shapes the way other cultures look at them and assume that the way they act is how they always were for generations

-Shows a lot about the difference of cultures in the African community and the "American
" community by killing one white man its a great deal but by killing dozens of these children its never looked at twice

The documentary shows how society has evolved so much for them that now it is okay for a child to hold a gun and not only hold it nut be encouraged by adult figures. As stated in the documentary if all this was going on in America it would be at the cover of every news paper.


-American society expects African children to be less innocent then the children raised in Africa

-There society taught them the word "soldier: itself is not a protector or someone who fights for the right thing, they taught them the word soldier means killer

-The commanders who recruited them did not care about these children at all , whether they died or are alive , so they created a community and cared for each other

-Because of the war children felt attacked so it was no surprise that they volunteered as child soldiers , they were out in a situation where they had to choose to kill or be killed

There society majorly differs from the "typical: american society ,american children are provided with education and resources that help us grow up happily. There society pulls most of these kids out of schools , hands them a gun and forces them to kill or die.

Part 3

The social science which best explains the events in the movie is Psychology this is because many psychological factors affect the outcome of these children. The way they were raised, taught , and learned all effected them psychologically and shaped there personality into killers rather then young children. The violence, was, and "adult figures" stripped them from there innocence and left to feel pain and anger. There lives emotionally scared them no matter if they make it out or not.In the movie they showed an example of a child being abducted and forced to shoot a gun , the child had no experience with the gun and he felt scared , he began to shoot and got more he did it he got better at it , it gave him a feeling of power and strength, he was then immediately send out to fight for his life and kill others , he did not succeed he got shot and he felt as if the power was immediately gone and he felt like a child again as he lied there dying.