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Norfolk Jr. High

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By Jordan Price

Ray Lewis

Ray Anthony Lewis, Jr. was born May 15,1995 in Lakeland, Florida. Ray Lewis went to Kathleen High School and played two sports which were wrestling and football. He led his team to state and city titles. After four years he earned a full scholarship to the University of Miami. In his Junior season Ray was a runner up for the Butkus Award taking the title of the nation’s best linebacker. He was ranked 5th in all time tackles. In 1995, he declared for the draft and he was drafted in the first round the spring of 1996 to the Baltimore Ravens. In his rookie season he led his team in tackles. The 2000 season was his best season. He had a legendary 17- year career with the Baltimore Ravens and 13 Pro-Bowl visits. This great and legendary linebacker retired as the Super Bowl 47 Champion.
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Burrito Savior

On June 10th a very round man, Humpty Dumpty, had a very great fall off a 15 ft. wall, reporter Jim Bob said. The witnesses said that Humpty Dumpty was just sitting there eating a burrito, when all of a sudden he lunged forward to try to catch the Mexican treat and he fell right on his face. Then witnesses said that a bunch of random men with horses came to the scene of the fall. Witnesses also claimed that the men were trying to put Humpty Dumpty together again. When police and paramedics arrived on the scene, they first had to quickly get rid of the random men with horses. Paramedics quickly rushed the man to the hospital where later Humpty Dumpty died. Later, the police told reporter Jim Bob that the burrito was safely secure in Humpty Dumpty’s hand. At his funeral, the burrito was put on Mr. Dumpty’s grave. Now this man who nobody knew anything about was known as the Burrito Savior, so every year on June 10th everyone will eat a burrito in honor of Humpty Dumpty.
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Score Center

To begin, the user has to download the app then they have a couple of options to start off with. The app takes you to a screen where you get to pick your teams that you want to keep track of and see the scores. If there is a game coming up
, you can touch the the game box and see the ranks, stats of the players, and a thumbs up and thumbs down bar that people can guess on the outcome. If you go all the way down you can write and read comments from other people and that means that you can get in on the conversation. My favorite thing about the app is the screen where you can watch short replays, mess ups by the players, and little clips of the pre-game and even sportscenter.
Celtic Pride - Trailer

Celtic Pride

(Damon Wayans Daniel Stern Dan Aykroyd)
This movie is an entertaining sports comedy that took place in Boston, Massachusetts where two over loyal fans kidnap a star player of the Utah Jazz, so that the Celtics win and and then they let him go. That’s what they thought would happen. In reality, everything goes wrong for the two fans and they try to get in the super stars head, but he wasn’t phased. So really the two fans were the ones that were getting their minds twisted, and they just get more crazy throughout the whole movie. Great movie if you are into sports and even better if you love the Celtics.

School Uniforms

I believe all students should not wear school uniforms (3 minute free type)

because its boring to wear uniforms everyone looks the same and people can be independent.

some kids could of also gotten a new shirt or sweatshirt so that means they can’t wear it to school.

So people can wear different things everyday than one color.