Survival Tips

By: Jankelly Gemao

Things you need in order to survive 1-5

To survive here are 10 thing in order to survive. These things/stuff are going to keep you warm, not hungry, not thirsty, and survive. These things are,

1.Make a campfire

2.Make shelter

3.Try to get flint and steel

4.Get a bow and some arrows so you don't have to melee with the animals

5. Your attitude is good and calm.

Things you need in order to survive 6-10

6.Put something on a tree (on and beside the tree) so you know where to go back or where you have been so you will not be lost.

7.Make sure you have compass

8.Try to have some people around you if you have try to stick together

9.You don't need to worry about food because you can survive for 4 weeks

10.Make a melee weapon