Everything you need to know...

Simple Stuff about Hockey...

Hockey it a game played on astro-turf (although originally on field) and includes 11 player (full size game) who have hockey sticks. Working as a team they pass and run with the ball and try to score at the oppositions goal at the opposite end of the pitch.

Players on a Hockey team

Main Rules and Regulations...

There are lots of rules that you will learn while playing hockey as you become more experienced. Here are a few main rules you need to know to get you started:
  1. You must wear a gum shield and shin pads (field players)
  2. You can only touch the ball with the flat-side of your hockey stick
  3. You cannot touch the ball with your feet or the rest of your body
  4. The ball must stay within the pitch

How to get started...

Different ways to pass:

England Hockey: Passing Tips

How to score a goal:

England Hockey: Goal Scoring Tips

How to create space:

England Hockey: Creating Space Tips

How to defend:


Now have a look at GB's preformance in the women's final at the Olympics...

England vs Australia - Full Match Final - Women's Hockey World League London [30/6/13]