Rules for a Utopian Society

The rules to create a perfect society (by Madeline Packard)


These are the rules for the utopian society in order to establish a perfect place without any crime, economic problems, or social problems. By following these rules, it will ensure the society to be an ideal and safe place to live.
Rule 1. No violence will be allowed in the society
Rule 2. Stealing is not tolerated and if stealing takes place it ruins the economy and security of our society.
Rule 3. Divorce is not allowed. This prevents an unhappy society.
Rule 4. Children must attend school until they can prove that they can work and provide for themselves. This prevents poverty in adulthood.
Rule 5. No guns or weapons permitted. This leads to death and violence, which is not beneficial to the society.
Rule 6. No abusing animals. Hurting living things is cruel and should not be done.
Rule 7. All citizens must recycle. Pollution is not beneficial and recycling prevents pollution and environmental problems.
Rule 8. Saturday and Sunday will be dedicated to rest and family time and time spent doing work those days is not allowed.
Rule 9. Racism is not permitted because it is not ethical or right.
Rule 10. No drug use or smoking. This is bad for the environment and the daily lives of the people. If people smoke, they will not be able to work to their potential, which affects the society.
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