The History

In 1886 in Atlanta Georga, John Pemberton made the coke formula. He created the coke syrup from the Kola nut and coca plant. The original use was to cure headaches and tiredness, but soon just became a popular, tasty, drink.

When it first started......

When coca-cola was invented in the late 1880's it wasn't a big hit. Only 25 gallons of the coke syrup was sold in the entire year. And the profit was only $50.00. In 1891 a man named Asa Candler bought a bottle of coke. He was interested because he suffered from bad headaches. When he tried it, he found that it helped. He soon bought the company and advertised it as "The wonderful Nerve and Brain Tonic"
The thing that made it an even more popular soft drink was when somebody accidentally added carbonated water, instead of plain water to the coke formula. Customers who tried it, liked it better. And now Coke is a popular soft drink, with different flavors in cans, plastic, or glass bottles.
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As you can see, there were many attempts to make the perfect, unique, coke bottle.

How has coke changed everyday life?

Coca-cola has changed everyday lives in many ways. The first way is that people are using their money for things that aren't needed. For example coca-cola. Another change is that coke is now one of the top soft drinks in the world. This means that it bumped some soda companies down farther. And the last change is that some people drink soda everyday, so now there aren't as many healthy people in the world. Life without coca-cola would be healthier, and people would have more money.

What is better about it now than when first made?

Well, now coca-cola has...

  • New exotic flavors
  • it is a carbonated drink
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The coca-cola company has made many types of sodas besides coke.

How is Coke advertised?

Coca-cola is advertised by...

  • T.V. commercials
  • grocery stores
  • slogans
  • adds in newspapers

Funny commercial, Coca-Cola, Producer/Director - Victor Pukhalsky