Nepal Country Profile

By:Ashley Prokash

About Nepal

The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu. They have a population of 26,494,504 people in Nepal. They are lead by Baran Yadav he is their president and Sushil Koirala who is their prime minister. The main language they speak in Nepal is Nepali which is an Indo-Aryan tounge related to Hindi. Their government is federal parliamentary republic and they have a mixed economy.
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Histrocial Events In Nepal

Nepal's Economy

What do you think about Nepal's economy?

I feel that Nepal's economy is somewhat successful because they are behind in technology and they still keep old traditions like the furniture being made out of straw and bamboo. Their toilets are outside when they have electricity so that's something that needs to be upgraded. Their GDP is 203 in the world so that's not terrible but it's not very high either.

Things to do in Nepal