Dance Festival

Great dance celebration of the Year

Dance Festival arrives to Carmiel

Carmiel Festival will open soon. For three days and nights without a break, there will be 100 performances and events attended by some 10,000 local and international dancers. Festival expected to reach about 250 thousand people.

Dance Festuval

Saturday, Jan. 2nd 2016 at 11pm

Carmiel, Israel

Karmiel, North District

The festival takes place in Carmiel's amphitheater
11:00 Workshop for Warmup technique
12.00 Modern Dance Workshop
13:30 folk dance competition
16:00 100% Art
19: 30 ballroom dancing - spectacle
23: 55 dance salons

Carmiel Festival

The Carmiel Dance festival was founded in 1988 by two of the greatest members of country dances, Jonathan Carmon and want Hodes. The length of the Dance Festival is three days