Media Minute

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ipads are coming! ipads are coming!

Or so I’ve heard... We all know there are apps for everything, but which ones are really the most classroom and standards based friendly? Is the app the only way to go? And how can we utilize the iPads and get the most out of our students as workers?

All great questions! Now I may not have all the answers, but I have done some research for you. So, take a moment and check out this installment of Media Minute as it will concentrate on ways to utilize the iPad in your classroom.

So please take a moment and explore!

classroom 2.0

Located on the Library Media Homepage, there is a page entitled, Classroom 2.0.

Here you will find a Symbaloo, a free visual bookmarking site, that I have created just in case you forget the technologies that I have shown you here, in the past, or in the future!

I have also attached links to Media Minute flyers.

Helpful tip to protect our students online

If you want to branch out and have students try a new web 2.0 tool either via the PC or the iPad, and they need to create an account, have them use their student email and password. This way they will keep their social, personal accounts, and their academic, school accounts, separate.

password is how they log on to the computer.

Even better than an app!

Opposing Viewpoints is an online database located on our Online Resources page.


  • Help students research, analyze, and organize.
  • Pro/Con viewpoint essays available.
  • Browse by: Issue, curriculum standard, type of resource, viewpoint, or general/advanced search.
  • Differentiation: 3 different reading levels.
  • Resources: Lesson plans are available, step-by-step instructions and worksheets for getting started and wrapping up a research paper.
  • Share: Share articles you find on outside applications. Like: Symbaloo, Outlook mail and then you can share it with your classes via onedrive, or put it on your classpage.