Desiree Rawls

The State of the World´s Oceans

The ocean covers a larger percentage of our planet than the land we live on. Dangerous and cold, yet beautiful, it holds many wonders. It is home to hundreds of diverse species, all of which are threatened by the actions of people. Pollution, overfishing, and whaling are only a few factors that leave the existence of marine life a concern. The extinction of so many innocent and natural creatures would be devastating to Earth.

Defending the Ocean

Proposition of Action

A way to help the marine life as well as the ocean would be to clean the plastic from the water. Community pickups could be organized. Unsuspecting animals would no longer swallow and choke from the trash in the sea. Representatives could come to local schools to educate children on the importance of protecting undersea life. Inspiring young minds will create further hope for those animals in the future.