Here's what is happening in Ms. Gibson's bands Vol 7 March 6

RPEMS Jazz Band Scores a 1 Rating at Pitt State Jazz Festival

The RPEMS 7 & 8 jazz band scored a 1 (Superior) rating at festival. I couldn't be more proud as a teacher, I know Ms. Kurdle agrees!

Friday, the PSU jazz festival was the first competition the RPEMS jazz band has every attended. We received some good tips and constructive critiques from jazz musicians and educators. We listened to other HS and MS jazz groups and the kids listened with some critical ears which was awesome. They said things like, "those kids really put air behind their sound or the drummer has some great technique" which was music to my ears because it means they are critically listening and LEARNING!

--> Some students who received


Gracie Allan

Riley Nicholson

Blake Wagner

Lindsey Spruill

Zane Brown

Later that evening, the kids were mesmerized by the jazz big band "DIVA". WOW! They were amazing, the kids had their eyes pealed on them. Lots of smiles and "WOAH"s after hearing a jazz singer whose voice had the likings of Ella Fitzgerald, 2 tenor saxophones battle it out on stage with some AMAZING improvisation and a clarinet solo that literally sounded like a person singing. If you get a chance, look this group up and give it a listen to. You will be impressed.

The kids were so excited they received a 1 rating, the last 4 months of rehearsals really paid off. I appreciate your support as parents, getting your kids to and from rehearsals. (I really appreciate the on time pick-ups too because I usually have rehearsals in other buildings immediately following jazz band. It helped me so much!!)

**We received two wonderful compliments from random strangers at both restaurants we ate at on Friday. They were so impressed with their behavior and thanked them for it.

This has been my favorite jazz band to date and we have had a wonderful season. I am EXTREMELY sad to say goodbye to it, but I am already looking forward to next year! I hope to see the 8th grade students in HS jazz band and I want each 7th grade jazz student this year in jazz band next year!!!!! We've got some good things going and I know next year will go beyond what we did this year!

A special thank you goes out to Ms. Kurdle and all of her help yesterday! She is doing a fantastic job as a student teacher and I am so thankful to have her around. She did a fabulous job with Georgia On My Mind! :)

Thank you for all of your support! Go Band!


Tomorrow begins a new type of idea at RPEMS. Chamber Ensembles (mentioned in a previous newsletter).

If your student would like to participate in a small group ensemble, please have them stay after school on Monday, March 9th at 2:40 and be picked up by 4:30pm. If they do not yet have an ensemble to be a part of, Ms. Kurdle and I will find a group for them. This is a whole different type of ensemble to be a part of and is really cool. Kids can have a group as small as 3 all the way up to 6 or 8. We can mix Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion as well.

Practices will require that each student within the group be committed to rehearsing at least 2 times a week with Ms. Kurdle or myself. Rehearsals will be on Mondays & Tuesdays in March and April. Chamber Ensembles will be over by the end of April, so we are looking at a two month commitment.

We will form our groups on Monday, March 9th and we have our first rehearsal on March 10th. Rehearsals will begin a 2:40pm and end at 4:30pm. **If students are in a Spring Sport, they would need to split the time between Chamber Ensembles and their sport.

**I hope to have a fun little concert on a Sunday in April, if the space is available some place within our district. I am in search of a space and will give you an update on that ASAP.

Our Rehearsal Schedule Will Be As Follows:

March 9th & 10th

March 23rd & 24th

March 31st & April 1st (Tuesday & Wednesday)

April 6th & 7th

April 13th & 14th

April 20th & 21st

April 27th & 28th

**Possible concert Sunday, May 3rd Time TBD Place TBD**

Band Booster Meeting - RP Administrators to Present District Plans

Monday, March 9th, 7pm

20801 South School Road

Peculiar, MO

Please plan to attend the upcoming Band Booster Meeting, as the Ray-Pec administrators visit us and share their plans for the school district. These plans will most likely affect your child, so we ask that you make attending a priority. Lets show the administrators that band parents care about the program and the kids who make it!

Please RSVP below, so we will have a seat for you on that evening.

Park on the north side of the South High School Building. The meeting will be held in the band room. There will be a brief Hawaii Trip Update following the presentation.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.



Due to a new deadline, the HS administration has requested to know which kids are in which bands by March 13th. We've done a lot of brainstorming and we've come up with the following and hopefully this will make it easier on all of us.

Students need to record their auditions, put them on their google drive and share them with auditions@rpbands.com.

They may do this recording from home or they may use my school iPad in a practice room. Either way, ALL 8th grade band students will audition for us through the video recording and they may do it from home or at school.


Submit recordings with:

Students First & Last Name

1 scale that show a students playable range on his/her instrument and as much of the HS audition material listed on the GOLD sheet passed out in class. Please try to keep the audition on 1 recording.

Share Recordings with auditions@rpbands.com

Worlds of Fun

Saturday, May 2nd, 8am-11pm

4545 Worlds of Fun Avenue

Kansas City, MO

The 8th grade band will be performing their final adjudicated festival on Saturday, May 2nd at World's of Fun. This is a super fun day for the kids and I am anxiously awaiting it.

Students will warm-up at 2:20 and perform int he Tivoli Music Hall located in the Scandinavian area of the park at 2:40. All are welcome to attend, however, you must purchase a ticket to watch the performance even if you do not plan on playing in the park.

We will need at least 12 to 15 parents to volunteer as chaperones for the day/evening. You will likely have 6 to 8 people to hang out with for the day. Chaperones will need to purchase a ticket as well. If you would like to volunteer as a chaperone, please RSVP below.

Tickets are offered to us at a discounted price of $33 each. Students who have season passes are welcome to use those to enter the park, but please make sure they have been updated for the 2015 season. You are welcome to purchase tickets for your other family members that may want to play in the park for the day as well.

To purchase tickets for you and/or your child, please write a check to: RPEMS in the amount of $33 and turn it into me by March 31, 2015. This is a required event and if $33 is too much for your family at this time, PLEASE contact me as soon as possible and I will make it happen. (I can't do anything about it, if I don't know about it.)

Sidenote: students will wear their band polos to perform in; depending on the weather students may be able to wear NICE shorts with their polos tucked in(like NICE jean shorts, khaki or black shorts). The festival specifically requires that we look nice and professional. I wanted to include this now so that you have to plan accordingly. Worlds of Fun does provide changing tents for boys and for girls. Students will have a time and place to change in and out of their performance clothing.

**An exact days schedule of events will be given at a later time.**

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Needing Donations

The MS Band Program is needing:

Hand Sanitizer

Green Rubbing Alcohol in bottles


All of these items help stop the spread of germs on our band instruments. If you could help by donating some of these items, that would WONDERFUL!!!!!!! We are plum out! :)