#WRAD14 Blogging Challenge

Week 1: February 10-16

My earliest and fondest memories of being read aloud to....

My parents read aloud to me constantly as a child. According to my mother we would visit three local libraries every week to gather new books to read. I remember visiting libraries but don't remember all three...

Many picture books were read aloud to me but one I remember as being the most fun to listen to was Jamberry by Bruce Degen. I don't know if it was the rhyming words or the funny illustrations but I could listen to Jamberry over and over again. The nonsense of the story seemed to make me laugh more each time I heard it.

As I got older listening to picture books transitioned to listening to chapter books. In my upper elementary school years I still had a chapter book my parents would read to me every night. I remember lying in bed, finally away from little brother and sister, listening to a chapter or two before bedtime.

This will be my second year celebrating World Read Aloud Day at my school. Last year our school celebrated in a few different ways. We held at WRAD reading incentive. Students were encouraged to read aloud as much possible on WRAD. They were encouraged to read aloud to siblings, pets, stuffed animals, dolls, parents - anyone or anything! On WRAD students and staff were encouraged to wear a t-shirt of someplace they had traveled to remind us that books can take us anywhere!

This year we're doing a bit more to celebrate WRAD. Every library class - 15 classes - will connect with another class to read aloud via Skype throughout the week. On Wednesday, WRAD, first and second graders will have a special Skype visit with author Ame Dyckman!

As WRAD week coincides with Read Across America, celebrity readers will be reading to every class on Friday. Our celebrity reader "status" has waned over the years and teachers have become celebrity readers. This year we are trying to garner some "real" celebrities and we are all excited to see who will be reading aloud to our students!

Happy reading!