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The Mobile Web Revolution
The Internet has moved from the desktop to the pocket. The ability to access the web anytime, anywhere is already having a major effect on consumer behavior.

Visual Resources

Social Media is A lot Like....

Did you know that in Oct. of 2012, 6.7 billions hours were spent on social networking sites? Great visuals and facts in this Slideshare presentation on the current state of social media.

Paths to the White House

Although the election is over, this interactive infographic deserves a few minutes of your time. Regardless of which side you voted for this graphic gives us insight to how all infographics in the future may behave.

Mobile Commerce Statistics and Trends

A great infographic showing the growing trend of mobile commerce and how it is predicted to evolve in the future.

Informational Articles

Where is the Web Going?

Take a look at where the web has been and where the web is going in this article that focuses on Curated Content and its effect on users.

The State of Social Media & Social Median Marketing

Another Slideshare presentation, this time it focuses on the state of social media and social marketing in the second half of 2012. Spending a few slides on each major social site, this presentation is filled with a lot of very useful information.

Your Guide to Social Signals for SEO

Wondering how your social efforts are effecting your search ranking? Read this article to learn how social signals are impacting your search engine optimization.

The Two Sides of Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing engagement/content is just the half of it. Read this article to find out the other side!

How to Succeed with Your Mobile App

Tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your mobile app. Jeremy Olson explains why some apps fail while others are successful.

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