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We asked our RBI trainees what they had learned since the initial roll out with Robin McWilliam. This is what they shared.

What’s gone well...

  • Wrote more goals because I got more information from the family
  • Wrote better goals
  • It makes sense – simplifies what needs to be done
  • Gets more comfortable the more you do
  • Prepping yourself is important
  • Brought all staff in to be familiar with tools
  • Good way to connect with families
  • Used abbreviated version of it with families – wrote good outcomes
  • Helpful for writing outcomes
  • Realizing the amount of time parents really sit and play with their child
  • Asking more routine based questions at intake
  • Outcome writing is easier than we thought

Where we need help or guidance…

  • Hard to do (RBI) without practicing
  • Hard with not all staff trained yet
  • Paperwork has not caught up with training
  • Needed more info
  • Should start with EcoMap at Intake and train staff on that first
  • Challenges within childcare setting


The more we share what we know about RBI with others, the easier it will be for them to hit the ground running after training.

Practice with friends and co-workers. Film yourself and learn from what you see.

Send me some video, invite me to a visit...I appreciate all opportunities to practice the coaching model!!