An accountant does statements, has accuracy, and help people

Financial Statements

The statements that accountants use helps them organize all of the work into different sheets. Two of the sheets that they use is balance sheet and income statement. Balance sheet is their financial position at that given point. It uses the equation assets equal liabilities plus equity. The income statement is the revenue (sales) minus the expenses for a given time period. Income statement will give you if you have a net income or a net loss. Also they do taxes that come off of your paycheck.

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Have Good Accuracy

When you have good accuracy, it lets you have the correct amount of money that you really have. You don't want to have an amount that is high but you really have less. When being accurate, it gives you accurate financial statements. Having the right amount of money, gives you the information that is good for the business. It could tell you if your business is doing good or bad. The last thing is that it increases the chance of your business being successful. If you want a good business you want to make sure that you have the correct numbers for the money coming in and going out.
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Helps People with Money Spending

Accountants try and help people/communities/businesses any way they can. They help people mange their money and help them with taxes. Accountants help with taxes by helping businesses take taxes off of your paycheck. Also they help the business find out what the business has to pay too. They also mange their money. They help you set a budget and teach them to mange their money wisely so that they can have money to fall back on. Accountants help businesses with all of the statements they need and help them keep everything in order.


  • What sort of training do you need? Go to college and get a Bachelors degree.
  • What sort of skills do you need? You should be good with numbers, looking at details, computer skills, and high math skills.
  • Is there any room for job advancement? Yes, after 1-2 years can be moved up to an senior position.
  • What is all involved with this career? Examine financial statements, taxes, organize and maintain financial records, and help people with cost they are spending.
  • What is the job outlook and salary? In 2013 the salary was $65,080 and the hourly pay was $31.29.
  • Why do you want to go into this career? I want this career because math comes easily and I am taking accounting now in high school.
  • What might people not know about this career? Assets are what you "own" and liabilities is what you "owe". Also a ledger is what you put all of your information into.
  • What does a day in the life of this career look like? Most are scheduled a 40 hour week but most get overtime. Most are in offices and are doing all of the statements and taxes.