Alternative energy

renewable sources

What is alternative energy?

Alternative energy is renewable sources which is energy that can be produced and it will never run out.

What does renewable energy mean?

Energy that doesn't harm the environment ,but in some cases it does

The sources

Solar , Hydroelectric , Wind , Biomass , and Geothermal are all renewable sources that will never run out.Solar energy is a source that is well used , because it is only powered with the sun. Hydroelectric is dams that stores water such as from rivers it is used to produce electricity.Wind energy is large turbines that are placed in a big space to spin so they can produce electricity . Biomass is material from living things , so basically it is used for plant based materials.
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Use it

Actions of people are causing carbon dioxide and other global warming emissions that we can prevent from if we use renewable energy. For example , electricity production is what takes up the world , but using coal is causing global emission.If we keep using renewable energy rather than other fossil fuels there will be improvement in health benefits.Through out some places their is strong wind, sunny skies , plant remains , and fast - moving water, the point being this is what renewable energy uses to produce electricity.Prices can be a problem , but ever since people started using renewable energy they have dropped 60% and plus use save money on the electricity bill, water bill, light bill , and etc.Jobs also can be a big part , because installation is needed if you were to get solar panels , manufacturing is another way , because it isn't already assembled for you,and transportation , because moving everything by yourself isn't such a good idea.


One disadvantage about renewable energy is that it relies on the different weather , such as rain, wind, and sunshine.If these weather changes don't happen there will be a lack of producing energy.Another disadvantage is that it is hard to generate a large amount of energy .Therefore we would have to make more factories or find different ways to make more energy.The costs has high maintenance prices they also have to planned carefully.In order to keep with the large electricity produced with fossil fuels and large amount of solar panels large amount of land is required.